ByteCash Media LTD - Digital Media Solutions

ByteCash Media LTD was established in 2006 and now owns and operates close to a hundred web properities, including E-Commerce, Classifieds, Comparison Shopping, Service Based, Blogs & Forums. The ByteCash Media web property network reaches over a million unique visitors a month.

Company News is now being offered for sale after 3 years of sales and performance liquidating antiques & collectibles.Please contact us for further information if you are an interested buyer.

ByteCash Media Launches Buying and Selling Marketplace Venue where sellers can sell products without ridiculous fees and restrictions.

We are set to launch an advertising service to provide advertisers a cost effective way to advertise across our network of web properties and domain names. This service will provide CPC, CPM, CPA campaigns for text ads, banner ads, flash and rich media content. This service will also allow for direct traffic purchases from our list of expired and keyword rich domain name portfolio. Text link advertising, full page advertising, fly in ads, search engine placement and in text advertising will be available.

What do we do?

ByteCash Media operates multiple eBay powerseller accounts from which we sell everything from antiques & collectibles to electronics and office supplies. ByteCash is a proud Amazon Pro Merchant seller. Sales distribution channels are not limited by third parties, ByteCash liquidates a large portion of its inventory using its own E-Commerce sales channels.

Part of our business model involves building and acquiring established websites and domain names which generate revenue from advertising, affiliate revenue, product sales and membership services.

ByteCash Media owns hundreds of domain names which generate parking revenue until they are ready to be developed into web properties which will then in turn be operated for profit or sold to private buyers and businesses.

ByteCash Media owns the rights to several published books and other royalty generating intellectual property.

Projects & Pipeline

3-5-12 - Next Generation Advertising platform in development to deliver unmatched performance in the form of Blog Ads where entire article posts will be fed into blog content with CPA and CPC cost structures available.

1-29-12 - Book published by Ryan Andes called "You can sell it!" now available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook - Grab your copy today HERE

12-29-11 - ByteCash Media relaunches a former classifieds giant to offer free classified postings, formerly the site was home to 50,000+ members

12-26-11 - is launched to provide advertisers a low cost means of promotion featuring five cent pixel advertising.